Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lebanon - Backround / Hintergrund

OK, a little lesson (eine kleine Lehrstunde)!

Lebanon is an ancient (uraltes) country. Over 3000 years ago the Phoenicians (Phönizier) were a leading trading people (führendes Handelsvolk).

The leading city-states (Stadtstaaten) were Sidon, Tyre and Byblos (von dem Name kommt "Bibel", da Byblos auch viele Bücher produzierte).

Beirut first became famous during the Roman Empire ("Berytus"). Beirut was known (bekannt) for its law school (Iura-Schule). Now Beirut is the capital (Hauptstadt).

Lebanon is still famous (immer noch bekannt) for its trade (Handel). It is perhaps the most "western" of all Arab countries. The people are very open (aufgeschlossen) and friendly!

Traditionally, Lebanon has been a very tolerant country - it is the home to many religions: Christians (Maroniten, Katholiken, Orthodoxe), Moslems, Druze (ein moslem-ähnlicher Glaube) and also Jews.

Unfortunately (leider) there have been tensions (Spannungen) between these faiths (zwischen diesen Glauben) and other countries have involved themselves here (andere Länder mischen sich hier ein).

In 1975 a Civil War (Bürgerkrieg) began and lasted until 1990. The war made my family leave Lebanon because my father could not do any business.

After the Civil War, Lebanon recovered quickly (erholte sich schnell) and until the Israelis bombed Beirut (Summer 2006) everything seemed very good.

People are nervous here (die Leute sind jetzt nervös), but the Lebanese are a very industrious (fleißiges) people. They are even now building new buildings (sie bauen immer noch jetzt ständig neue Gebäude) and they are very hopeful.

Also... ich hoffe dies hat einige von euch interessiert!
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