Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In Beirut and at School !

Greetings from Beirut!

I spent much of the weekend walking around the city - it is very fascinating!

It is still Winter here: it is cool (ca. 15 °C) and it is raining a lot. But sometimes the sun shines and it is very nice.

On Monday and today I spent some time at the school and took some pictures for you!
Here is the entrance (Eingang)
to the "High School".

Pupils (Schüler/-innen) in grades 9-12 go to school here.
This is where I will teach.

Here is the entrance to the Middle School.
Pupils (Schüler/-innen) in grades 5-8 go to school here.

This is also where the library (Bibliothek) and the cafeteria is.
The cafeteria (Mensa) offers (anbietet) sandwiches (also hamburgers, etc.), salads, ice cream, etc.

In back of (hinter) the cafeteria is a court (Hof) where pupils can "hang out" during their breaks (Pausen).

The teachers are all very nice (there are about 50 teachers!). I found out that I will teach two 9th grade (9. Klasse) classes and two 10th grade classes.

School starts at 8:00 am and ends at 3:15 pm.

The school also has a gymnasium (Sporthalle)


sports fields (Sport-felder)!

As you can see, the Mediter-ranean Sea (Mittel-meer) is very close!

The next time I will take some pictures of the classrooms (Klassenzimmer).

Bis bald!


Denis said...

hi Mr.March die schule ist ja wirklich groß .Wie war den ihr 1.Unterichts stunde.
Gruß aus Deutschland 7a

Und nochwas gehen sie mal auf die seite


Duane in Lebanon said...

I will look at your blogsite right away!

Uli said...

nie wieder erste liga ;)
seems to be a nice school (:,hf & gl* there, winter and 15°?! i don't want to be there in the summer cO...

*[h]ave [f]un & [g]ood [l]uck

Nih witta ärstä Liega

Duane in Lebanon said...

Hi Uli!
In summer it is 30°C-35°C. it is OK!

And there are beaches!

It is like Mallorca.

Anonymous said...

Me again... so the salary is 20000$, or in the higher 20's... are the apartments nice? Are their a lot of expat teachers at the school?

Dr March in Lebanon said...

Yes, that's about the salary range.
The apartments are good - not great, but good, esp. for couples.

There are a lot of ex-pats, a lot of Lebanese and some Europeans - a good mix!

Anonymous said...

Freut mich oirschewie das des dir da gefällt und hast du das foto auch mit in den libanon genommen also von der heutigen PY 6/7.
Würd mich auch freue
Dein Amon

Dr March in Lebanon said...

Hi Amon,

I am glad that you like the blog!
No, I do not have a photo of the 6/7 class.
Send it to me by email!

Gruss an allen!

Mareike said...

Haben sich die Schüler über die Briefe gefreut ich hoffe schon?
Werden sie bald zurückschreiben?
Unsere neue Latein Lehrerin ist eigentlich ganz nett ;)

Dr March in Lebanon said...

Hi Mareike!
ich fange mit der Unterricht erst nächste Woche an. Ich werde die Briefe zwei 9. Klassen vorlegen!
Also - bald!
Gruss an allen in der 8a/b!

Anonymous said...

hey dr.march! you havent had our class yet but we will make it fun for u. dont worry guys he wont get shot :P, lebanon is different than the stuff you see on the news. people here are amazing and its a fun place to live.
from your future 4 favortite 9th grade girls that would hopefully be amazin students(pupils).
c ya monday (you will soon probably figure out who we are)

Anonymous said...

hey dr.march! you havent had our class yet but you will enjoy it, we're fun. hehe oh yeah dont worry you wont get shot leb is amazin, besides the politics.
your future 4 favorite 9th grade students (pupils):P. you will soon probably figure out which 4 girls we are. see ya

Anonymous said...

Hallo Herr March!! Wir wünschen ihnen viel Glück in Beirut!! Auf www.laenschespage.piczo.com haben wir eine Site für sie eingerichtet!! Diese ist allerdings noch nicht ganz fertig (es fehlen noch einige Bilder). Wir hoffen sie gefällt ihnen trotzdem.
LG die 7b

Dr March in Lebanon said...

Hallo 7b!
Ja, ich habe die ebsite gesehen und ins Gästebuch was eingetragen!

Bin gespannt auf mehr...