Sunday, February 18, 2007

Beirut: Impressions / Eindrücke

Today (Sunday) I took a walk around Beirut.

Here is a view to the West/Northwest (Blick nach Westen/Nordwesten). Notice the snow on the mountains (Schnee auf den Bergen)

As you can see, Beirut is located directly on the Mediterranean (liegt direkt am Mittelmeer). Beirut is a very lively city, and the shops stay open late. You can buy almost anything here.
At night it seems that everybody goes out! There are very many nice restaurants and clubs.

The drivers here are a bit crazy. When you cross a street you have to be careful (Vorsicht beim Straßenüberqueren)!

The weather was nice and it was sunny today. Some (a few) people even went swimming in the sea (Ein Paar Leute gingen sogar Schwimmen!). In the Summer many people go to the beaches north and south of the city. Now you can go skiing - the ski slopes are only two hours away (jetzt kann man Schifahren gehen - die Schanzen sind nur 2 Stunden entfernt).

Well, I hope you found this interesting! Until next time!
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