Friday, June 15, 2007

Bomb Blast (Bombenanschlag)


You may have heard that on Wednesday, June 14th, a big bomb exploded in Beirut between two beach clubs (Strandclubs). It killed at least ten people, including a Member of Parlament and his son.

The bomb exploded less than 2 kilometers from my apartment and it broke windows over 500 meters away.

Some of my pupils were swimming at the beach club! Fortunately, none of them were hurt.

My mother and I went to see where the bomb exploded and I took a picture.

People here are of course worried. But life goes on...

My mother is visiting me here. She loves Beirut!

We have been seeing many things together. We visited old friends she had here when we lived in Beirut in 1974-75. We went to the mountains south of Beirut to a nice town called Beit Mery and we went swimming at the Riviera Club.

She also visited me at school, and last week she taught all my classes! She told my pupils about when the Second World War ended and what she remembers about when the Americans came into her town (Waldfischbach) and then when the French occupation (Besatzung) came. My pupils were very interested: they had never heard about that before!

Today we are going to Byblos: a small city north of Beirut. Byblos was an ancient Phoenician city where many books were produced. The word "Bible" (Bibel) comes from the name of that city.

On June 19th I return to Germany!

Until soon!