Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Saying Good-bye / Abschied nehmen

Yes, today was rather sad.

This week I had to say good-bye to my History, English and Latin pupils. Today was my last day.

Some classes gave me some farewell presents. My 7b History / Latin class gave me a picture (and some wine and brandy!).

Four girls from my Latin 8a and 8b gave me some letters to start a pen-pal relationship with pupils at the ACS in Beirut.

I had a good time at Edenkoben amidst the vineyards of Germany. Now we'll see what Beirut offers.

Less than two days and I will be in Beirut!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

"To Beirut and Back"

My father has published a book about his business and our experiences in the Middle East - and especially in Beirut - in the mid-seventies, including our flight from Beirut at the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War.

Mein Vater hat ein Buch veröffentlicht - es geht u.a. um seine Erfahrungen und unsere Erlebnisse in Beirut in den Mitte-70er Jahren, inkl. des Anfangs des Bürgerkriegs

To Beirut and Back (An American in the Middle East) by Abe F. March
ISBN-10: 1424138531

Check out his author website /Schaut mal seine Autor-Site an :

You can get a preview of the book and get news about television and newspaper interviews he has conducted about the book.

Leave a comment in his guestbook, or if you've read it, leave a review.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Last Evening / Letzter Abend" in Neustadt

Last night my very good friend Oliver visited me. We had a few beers and something to eat at the Neustadter Brauhaus (I had a "Grillteller").

We have known each other for more than ten years, and he is sad that I'm leaving Germany, and I'm also a little sad.

Now I must begin packing and carrying my things downstairs (four flights of stairs! Ugh!)

The landlord (Vermieter) and his real estate broker (Immobilienmakler) are already showing the apartment. Two young ladies are looking at it even as I am typing these lines.

Well, until next time

Your, Duane
PS. Now ANYONE can leave comments (Kommentare eintragen kann jetzt jeder)!

Friday, January 26, 2007

My Departure / Mein Abflug

I am flying to Beirut on Friday, February 2nd!
Am 2. Feb. fliege ich nach Beirut.

Until then I have a lot to do! Especially packing my things, storing my furniture and deciding what to take with me and what to leave behind!
Viel zu tun bis dann, insbes. meine Sachen packen, Möbel einlagern, entscheiden, was ich mitnehme und was ich zurücklasse.

And... I will still be teaching at the Gymnasium in Edenkoben until Wednesday, January 31st!


Bis bald!


I'm moving to Beirut! / Ich ziehe nach Beirut um!

Well, I've been offered and have accepted a job in Beirut Lebanon!
Ich habe ein Arbeitsangebot aus Beirut Libanon angenommen!

- 31 years after the Lebanese Civil War forced us to evacuate the city, and
- 6 months after my father published his book about our experiences there.
31 Jahren nachdem meine Familie diese Stadt wegen des Bürgerkrieg verlassen musste,
6 Monate nach Veröffentlichung meines Vaters Buch über unsere Erlebnisse in Beirut

I'm a bit anxious, but also pretty excited! I will be teaching history at the American Community School (ACS) in Beirut.

Your Duane

Here's a picture of me when I was a pupil at the school in Beirut where I will be teaching!

Hier ein Bild von mir als ich diesselbe Schule in der 7. Klasse besuchte. Dort unterrichte ich jetzt!