Thursday, February 8, 2007

In School / In der Schule

Marhaba! (Hello!)

Here are a few pictures from inside the school!

Here are two photos of my classroom!

And here is the hallway (Flur) outside of the classroom.

I was introduced to my new pupils. They seem nice, but they do not seem as as lively (lebendig) as my pupils in Edenkoben and Neustadt.

We will see!

The weather has been very nice here the last few days.

Today (Friday) there was no school. It was a holiday: "Saint (Sankt) Maroun" Day. Saint Maroun founded (gründete) the Christian sect of the Maronite (Maroniten) Christians.

Yesterday (Thursday) night I was invited (eingeladen) to go to a club. The people were very nice! I even meet a Lebanese TV personality (Fernsehstar).

On Monday will be my first day teaching! I am a little nervous, but it will be OK!

The next time I will have photos of the city and I will then take pictures of my students!

Mareike und Co... am Montag stelle ich eure Briefen den Schülern der 9. Klasse vor!
Am Mittwoch habe ich Geburtstag!
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