Sunday, February 4, 2007

Arrival / Ankunft in Beirut!

The flight (Flug) on Friday was very good - I had no problems!
(Here is a picture of me on the airplane)

It was a strange (komisch) Feeling to see Beirut again after 31 years!

Many things have changed, but some things have remained the same (sind dasselbe geblieben).

On Friday I visited the school - I was there in the 7th grade (7. Klasse), and now I will be a teacher there!
(Here is a picture in front of the school.
The pupils are leaving at the end of the day)

On Friday night two teachers took me to a very nice restaurant where we had a lot of very good Lebanese food!

Then I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. On Friday evenings there is karaoke and I sang two songs!

On Saturday I explored the city. I walked around the city for many hours and found the apartment building (Wohngebäude) where my family lived so long ago.

Tomorrow I will take more pictures and put them here.

Until soon!

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