Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First day of Instruction / Erster Unterrichtstag

"Marhaba" aus Libanon!

On Monday and Tuesday I taught my first classes.

The pupils are quite nice. They asked a lot of questions about me, Germany, Neustadt and Edenkoben.

I also gave the letters which Lena, Carina, Theresa and Mareike (from Latin 8a/b) wrote to the two 9th grade classes. Many of them said they would write!

Here are pictures of my 9th grade classes.

I have also learned some Arabic!
Marhaba = Hallo
Kiefak = Wie geht's? (das sagt man einem Mann)
Kiefik = Wie geht's? (zu einer Frau/einem Mädchen)
Mnih = Es geht mir gut (ein Mann sagt das)
Mni-ha = Es geht mir gut (eine Frau sagt das)
Schuhkran = Danke schön!
Achlan uah sachlan = Willkommen

On Wednesday, Feb 14, we do not have school.
It is also my birthday ;-)

Well, that's it for today! Tell me what you would like to know. I will post something here again soon!

Maa salameh!
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