Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Last Few Weeks

Marhaba everyone!

I'm sorry it has been a long time, but I've been quite busy and did not know what to write!

At the end of April I went to Cyprus (Zypern) for two days. It was very nice: the weather was sunny and the beach was good and I got to practice my Greek (kal' imera!)

My classes have kept me very busy. Now the last few weeks of school are coming and my students (and I) have a lot to do. I am teaching my ninth grade about the ancient Greeks (next week: Alexander the Great) and I will teach my tenth grade about Germany and Otto von Bismarck!

Next year I will be an advisor for "Model United Nations" (So eine UNO bestehend aus Schüler/innen aus aller Welt). The students debate about issues and vote on resolutions). Two or three times we will travel to other countries and meet students from other countries.

As you may have heard, the last seven days have been a little disturbing here in Lebanon. There is an extreme Palastinian group causing trouble in the north and a few bombs went off in Beirut. One bomb exploded about 1 kilometer from where I live.

Many of my friends are worried about me, but I do not feel so unsafe. The school is open and I walked around the city a bit today. Everyone is concerned, but also hopeful that things will calm down (sich beruhigen).

I am coming to Germany for five weeks beginning June 19th, so maybe I can come by Gymnasium Edenkoben (?). So maybe we will see each other soon!

Maa salameh!


Denis said...

Hi Mr.March
Please come back now its so dangerouse in lebanon.We have wrote an english test it was very easy we must lurn the vocabulary not more for the test.

Danke das du zu uns nach Edenkoben kommst!

Dear Denis

MONSTER said...

Hey there Duane, I'm enjoying your blog from Lebanon, very interesting!

Dr March in Lebanon said...

Hi all!
I am coming back to Germany on June 19 ans will stay in Germany for 5 weeks.

I am glad you are enjoying my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Mr March

Ich freue mich sehr das sie uns besuchen kommen! Denis hat Sie ja prächtig auf dem laufenden gehalten! In Latein klappt auch alles... wir haben jetzt die klassenarbeit rausbekommen und sie war recht gut.

Ist ja toll wenn sie schon in 8 tagen kommen!!

Bis bald


Dr March in Lebanon said...

Hi Ann-Kristin!
Ja, ich freue mich und hoffe, mein Besuch geht bei Herrn Kargus in Ordnung!
Es freut mich auch, dass ihr die lateinarbeit so gut hinbekommen habt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. March!
Can't you come on Wednesday or Thursday (20./21. 06.) ?
Because the 8. classes aren't at scxholl in Tuesday, so we can't see each other. Or you come to our school two times. What do you mean?
We all want to see you!
Yours Resi

Dr March in Lebanon said...

Hi Resi!
Ja, ich komme sowieso nicht vor Donnerstag.
Also, wir sehen uns bald.

Anonymous said...

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