Sunday, January 28, 2007

"To Beirut and Back"

My father has published a book about his business and our experiences in the Middle East - and especially in Beirut - in the mid-seventies, including our flight from Beirut at the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War.

Mein Vater hat ein Buch veröffentlicht - es geht u.a. um seine Erfahrungen und unsere Erlebnisse in Beirut in den Mitte-70er Jahren, inkl. des Anfangs des Bürgerkriegs

To Beirut and Back (An American in the Middle East) by Abe F. March
ISBN-10: 1424138531

Check out his author website /Schaut mal seine Autor-Site an :

You can get a preview of the book and get news about television and newspaper interviews he has conducted about the book.

Leave a comment in his guestbook, or if you've read it, leave a review.


Robert in Beirut said...

Hi Duane,
Are you in Beirut yet?
Email me at


Larissa Haas said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi herr March,
ich find echt schade das sie jetzt gehen ich wünsch ihn aber viel spaß in Libanon und einen guten Flug dort hin.

Duane in Lebanon said...

Hi "Nilos"
ja, ich vermisse uch irgendwie schon jetzt. Schaun mer mal was die Zukunft bringt!
Dir / euch alles Gute! Und... bis bald (hier)!

Anonymous said...

I liked your site