Sunday, January 28, 2007

"To Beirut and Back"

My father has published a book about his business and our experiences in the Middle East - and especially in Beirut - in the mid-seventies, including our flight from Beirut at the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War.

Mein Vater hat ein Buch veröffentlicht - es geht u.a. um seine Erfahrungen und unsere Erlebnisse in Beirut in den Mitte-70er Jahren, inkl. des Anfangs des Bürgerkriegs

To Beirut and Back (An American in the Middle East) by Abe F. March
ISBN-10: 1424138531

Check out his author website /Schaut mal seine Autor-Site an :

You can get a preview of the book and get news about television and newspaper interviews he has conducted about the book.

Leave a comment in his guestbook, or if you've read it, leave a review.

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